My name is Dale McLaughlin, I love my friends, I love to cook and I love to entertain. I’m married with two children; one a freshman in high school and one a freshman in college. Before I know it, I’ll be updating this blog about both of them moving out! I’m married to All Day Ray (this is a nick name that his golfing buddies made up, that has just stuck)  I’ve been in the IT business for years (too many to count) in a sales position. As I started to creep towards the big 5-0 mark, I’ve decided to move out of the stressful world of Sales and enjoy the comforts of messing up my kitchen and spoiling my friends and family with well thought out, tasty and enjoyable meals.

I was getting to the point that, when in a meeting and things weren’t going so great all I could think of was “if I could just make these people a fabulous meatloaf, all would be better”. So I figured I might be not happy with what I was doing and decided to make a change. It’s not easy going from big job to full time mom and entertainer, but I feel I’ll adjust and do just fine.

One of my favorite things to do is host any kind of party for one or multiple people that are having a birthday, anniversary or just got an awesome job! I liketo make this time for them even more special. I put a lot of thought into presentation, food and overall experience of the evening. I also plan what needs additional LOVE and what can be purchased and included in the experience to make MY life easier. Please look in on me and some of my closest friends who join me on weekends, holidays and very special events on our journey in cooking, eating, laughing, talking and yes drinking lots of wine.


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